Brief History of the Parish

St. John of the Cross Parish, Awlaw is a one town Parish Awlaw is a town of three autonomous communities, though very small. The parish was formally under Enugu diocese but presently under Awgu diocese. It was created out of Sacred Heart Parish, Inyi by Late Bishop Michael Eneja of the diocese of Enugu on 29th September, 1994.

Rev. Fr. Paschalis Agu is the pioneer or premier parish priest (1994). The following worked in this parish too.
Rev. Fr. Ernest Okeke (1996)
Rev. Fr. Okechuwu Ani nbsp; (2001)
Rev. Fr. Hyginus Aniche nbsp; (2004)
Rev. Fr. Benedict Okolie nbsp; (2011)

Stations and Zones in St. John of the Cross, Awlaw

St. John's Station Parish Centre: This is a station with two main zones and one minor zone. The two main zones are: St. Bartholomew zone Amajiogu and St. Christopher zone, Akpuluagu. Both zones are located at Etiti Awlaw, while the minor zone St. Theresa Ubaha, Awlaw is located at Ubaha, Awlaw autonomous community. The Ubaha community is mainly Anglican.

St. Lawrence Station Isiama, Awlaw: This is a station of three main zones, two from Isiama – autonomous community and one from Umuomaka-Ubaha autonomous Community. Isiama autonomous has St. Patrick zone and St. Vincent zone, while St. Charles zone is located in Umuomaka, Ubaha autonomous, community.

St. Philomena Station, Nkwuli: This is a station not by population but by distance. It can be properly referred to as mass centre. It is a one zone station.

Finally, St. Peter' Station, Agbada, Etiti-Awlaw autonomous community. It has only two zones namely, Stella Maris zone and St. Augustine's zone. This is a station, because of its smallness, where husband and wife belong to different zones.

The Catechists who worked and or are working in this parish are as follow:

Late Mr. Matthaias Sofuluibe: He worked as a general and state Catechist of St. Lawrence, Isiama.
Late Mr. Lawrence Maduagwu: He worked as a Catechist of St. Lawrence station, Isiama, Awlaw.
Mr. Adolphus Oyekezie is working as the catechist of St. Philomena Station, Nkwuli now known and addressed as Umuezeogbu.
Mr. Oliver Okoro is presently the Catechist of St. Peter's station, Agbada, Etiti, Awlaw.
Mr. Geoffrey Ekwem is the working Catechist of St. Lawrence Station and the parish general catechist.
Mr. Panteleon Umeh is the catechist incumbent of St. John's Station, Parish centre .



This parish today called Holy Ghost Parish, Enugu- Inyi was conceived in the year 1966 when the entire Enugu- Inyi Catholic Community thought it wise to acquire land for building a central and befitting Catholic Church in Enugu- Inyi. The acquisition of this land was actuated in 1966. In the year 1975, the young Holy Ghost took off as a station under Mmaku Parish and when Sacred Heart Parish Inyi was created out of Mmaku Parish the young Holy Ghost was one of the out stations of Sacred Heart Parish, Inyi. idered Adu and Ehuhe stations worthy of being a parish. He then created St. Gabriel's Catholic Church Adu-Achi for the two communities.

In the year 2007, His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. John .I. Okoye the Bishop of Awgu Diocese created Holy Ghost Parish, Enugu- Inyi with Rev. Fr. ChibeOfor as the pioneer parish priest. Rev. Fr ChibeOfor served for four years and the current parish priest is Rev. Fr Anthony Okechukwu Agbilibeazu.

Holy Ghost Parish is made up of two stations, namely; Holy Ghost Station Enugu- Inyi and C. K C Station Ozegu, Enugu- Inyi. For administrative purpose and to enhance grass root evangelization and presence, the parish is further divided into ten zone's, namely; St. Augustine Umuomam, St. Mary Enugu- Inyi, St. Joseph Abor, St. James Umuilemorji, St. Peter Umuchime, St. Francis Umuchime, St. Paul Ozegu, St. Michael Ozegu and St. Patrick Ozegu.

In addition, the parish is blessed with two mass centers: St Agnes Chaplaincy (School of Health Technology) and St Dominic's Umuchime. Since its creation, the parish has been waxing strong and stronger to the extent that two Churches and a Parish House have been built by the Enugu-Inyi Catholic Community.

Long live Holy Ghost Parish!
Long live Enugu- Inyi!!
Long Live Awgu Diocese!!!


Rev. Fr Anthony Okechukwu Agbilibeazu (Parish Priest)
Bro. Martin Udeh (Vice Chairman 1)
Mr Godwin Maduachi (Vice Chairman 2)
Mr CyrilUcheibe (Secretary)
Mr Christopher Azuigbo (Assistant Secretary)
Mrs. Stella Nwoke (Financial Secretary)
Mr Elias Alaeke (P.R.O.)
Mrs.AnastesiaEzechukwu (Provost)



Roman Catholic Church came to Umuagu Inyi from Obune Inyi on the 20th April, 1928. The church was first located at Gbaragu Umuagu behind the residence of late Ofoekpudo. It was later re- located at Abor Umuagu in 1929 as a result of the developmental initiative of the OKPUIU AGE GRADE. St Stephen's Catholic Church is at the right hand side of the Amaetiti→ Inyi→ Awlaw road.

It was messes John Omou, Stephen Obinna and Isaac Umeh of blessed memories that attracted Roman Catholic Church to Umuagu Inyi and late Mr. Isaac Uzoigwe who was a catechist at Obune assisted to open the church. Rev fr Machall was the first priest to celebrate holy mass at St. Stephen's catholic church Umuagu.

The church was name after kit's patron saint Stephen, by way of expressing appreciation to late Mr. Stephen Obinna for his prominent roles in financing the church. Masses and church services were initially celebrated in a building which originally served as both school and church, but as population of the congregation multiplied, the then leaders of the church conceived the idea of relocating the church to it's present site. Some of the leaders were; late Ichie James OKpara, late Mr Augustine Obinna, HRH Igwe Edwin MC Alaekee, late Mr Augustine Obinna, HRH Igwe Edwin Mc Alaekee, Late Nze Innocent Ilocsoje, Late Engr. Dpu Umegbolu , Mr. Rodreide Nnebedum, Mr. Augustine Nwajagu, Nbe Callistus Alaekee, Nbe Patride Iweazor etc.

Mr. Cosmas Onyekezie worked as church building contractor and later he was elected as the chairman of building committee (1995-2005). It was during his tenure that Lordship Rt. Rev Dr M U Eneja attracted subvention from the Holy See to our church and he prudently managed it. Chief Aloysius Odili Onu and family under tooled various projects worth millions of naira in the church and some of them are; building of a golden chapel, terrazzo work, marble altar and lectern, pews, painting, construction and installation of iron window frames and glasses etc. St Stephen's Catholic Church was elevated to the status of a parish in 2006 and it was formerly erected as a parish on the 19th Dec 2006, with Rev Fr. Anthony Anichebe as the pioneer parish priest (2006-2009). He was followed by Rev Fr. James Ani (2009-2010) and Rev Fr Chikezie Orga (2010-date).

The parish has a small population, being in the midst of numerous religious denominations. The congregations are mainly peasant farmer. It is faced with a lot of challenges such as scarcity of landed properties, fencing of the church, evangelization Problems, uncompleted (interior) church building and parish house projects etc. The faith of the members in God is quite unique and unprecedented.


About Our church

The people of Awgu geographical circumscription were a deeply religious people; who before the advent of Christianity in Igboland had a common religious heritage of a belief in One, Unseen, Omnipotent God. This Almighty God was referred to as Ali Awgu (the Awgu earth goddess).

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