The Coat of Arm of His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. John Ifeanyichukwu Okoye Ordained & Installed 1st Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Awgu

• The hat stands for helmet of salvation.
• The 12 knots on the rope represent the 12 Apostles
• The Cross is the symbol of salvation
• The Erection of the diocese took place in the year of the Eucharist as well as the African year of the Bible.
• These two are represented by the Chalice with Host and the Bible seen in the right upper chamber of the shield. These symbols
• The Chalice with Host and the Bible represented the Word and Sacraments in which encounter the Lord and draw from His wisdom.
• In the left chamber of the shield we have the picture of St. Michael the Archangel who is the Patron Saint of the diocese.
• At the lower chamber of the shield, we have a representation of the topography of Awgu diocese – a combination of lowlands and highlands. Its lowland is rich in vegetation.
• The blue sky is the symbol of Our Lady who is the Star of Evangelization. Beneath the shield run the words:
• Domine, Da Mihi Sapientiam Tuam which means: Lord, give me your wisdom.

About Our church

The people of Awgu geographical circumscription were a deeply religious people; who before the advent of Christianity in Igboland had a common religious heritage of a belief in One, Unseen, Omnipotent God. This Almighty God was referred to as Ali Awgu (the Awgu earth goddess).

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Awgu Region
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St Vincent De Paul Seminary
Spiritual Year Seminary
Mmaku Catholic Centre
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Rev. Fr. Lawrence Eze

Catholic Secretariat

P.O. Box 256, Awgu. Enugu State Nigeria. MOBILE:07055073793, 08091459755, 08063275076