The story began in 1934, when a team of Roman Catholic Missionaries in charge Eke in Udi District visited Mgbowo. The St. John's Catholic Central School at Eguta Mgbowo the present location of St. Anthony's Hospital, Mgbowo was over populated and the authority and plans to decongest it. The white Rev. Father approached directly Mazi Nwigwe Azidobu of Amata and requested for land to build a school.

This magnanimous man Mazi Nwigwe Azidobu spread his arms and told the requesting Rev. Father to take over as a mission land, the entire Oluose including Ogbambara. The practice then was to allocate to the mission, bad or forbidding forest land or piece of land. One Mr. Emmanuel was the first Teacher/Catechist from Udi. The first batch of classroom pupils in Christ the King Primary School took off in 1941 after the locust invasion of 1939-40. Some of the pupils included late Professor D.M. Ekpete, Mr. Ibe Akpa (okpkojoko), Onwu Eringo, Nwali Ogbuishi Aka and the rest of others. One of the prominent C.W.O. members, Mrs. Anna Theresa Urulor was the Head Teacher in 1975.

Coincidentally, in the same, 1975, St. John's Catholic Church, was elevated to the status of a Parish and Rev. Father C. Oguguo was the pioneer Parish Priest. The five villages of Mgbowo made up the five Catholic Stations and Christ the King Amata as one of the viable station. Monsignor A. Aso was in-charge of St. John's Parish when Catholic Diocese of Awgu was created in September, 2005. He mooted the idea of Christ the King Amata becoming a potential parish. Consequently, on 15/10/2006, Christ the King station, Amata was declared a parish by the Catholic Bishop of Awgu, Most Rev. Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Okoye. The Parish Priests since 2006 were as follows: The pioneer Parish Priest was Rev. Fr. John O. Chime from 19/11/2006 t0 2009. He laid the foundation of the both the parish house and the pro-cathedral church on 17/3/2007. The parish house was completed within ten months. He retuned to Enugu Diocese in 2009. There was no immediate replacement. But the parish was managed by Rev. Fr. Patrick Ndubisi- the Bishop's secretary and at times Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ukeh with the Ezinna Augustine Chukwu led pastoral council.

Rev. Fr. Justus Kelechi Idike on a mission from Nsukka Diocese relieved Rev. Fr. J.O. Chime from 26/11/2009 to 31/12/2012. He assiduously worked on the pro-cathedral church from the DPC level to the roofing of the church.

Rev. Fr. Jude Okwudilichi Njoku assumed duty as the third parish priest on 31/1/2013. He continued from where his predecessor stopped. So far, he has embarked on the plastering of the church building with the interior decoration. highly talented and showed his mastery over youth empowerment and animation.

The parish has five Zones: 1. St. Ann Zone i
2. St. Theresa Zone ii
3. St. Joseph Zone iii
4. St. Stephen iv and
5. St. Augustine Zone v

These are manned by experienced men and women. Amata Parish with the on going reorganization would be a natural haven.

Very Rev. Fr. Jude Njoku Parish Priest.

Nnaife Joseph Marinas Eze Vice Chairman ,Parish Council


Awgu (Holy Cross)

Historically, the Holy Cross School Awgu, which houses the Holy Cross Church was established under the auspices of the Catholic Mission in 1920. Both the school and the church were being administered by the Priest at St. Michael's Parish Awgu.

The present site of the Holy Cross Church which is bounded by two streams, Okpala Ezie and main Ezie along the East of the Old Enugu Okigwe Road was donated by then leaders of Ugwuleshi to Ugwuleshi Catholic Community in 1953. As a result of encroachment and other exigencies that became prevalent later, the leaders of Ugwuleshi held a meeting at the compound of late Mazi Iloka Onyema on the 22nd September, 1980 with the main theme "MISAPPROPRIATION OF LAND". The leaders reiterated the reiterated the earlier agreement on the Catholic Community land and resolved as follows:

1. That the Okpala-Ezie stream should remain the boundary between Boy's Secondary School Awgu and Holy Cross land. 2. That church land lies between Okpala-Ezie and main Ezie streams; and 3. That the two streams which meander and coverage at the southern end of the church land should be used as the natural boundary. By the time Very rev. Fr. Msgr. Aso was the Priest of St. Michael's Parish Awgu, he approved the architectural work and laid the foundation stone of the church building at the permanent site. Rev. Fr. Jacob Okoye during his stay at the St. Michael's Parish Priest Awgu, he approved and encouraged the use of money realized from the monthly project Sunday collection for the Church building. By the creation of Awgu Diocese and the ordination/installation of Most. Rev. Ifeanyichukwu Okoye as the Bishop of Awgu Diocese on 15th July 2005 the need for more Parishes became glaring. On 4th December 2006, the Holy Cross Church was upgraded to the status of a parish, with Rev. Fr. Stan Okonkwo as the parish Priest while Rev. Fr. Patrick Ndubuisi was the assistant Parish Priest. The administration of the Parish was being administered from the Diocesan Secretariat. During the Bishop Pastoral Visit to Holy Cross Parish Awgu, 27th -29th October 2009, His Lordship used the occasion to lay Foundation Stone of the Parish House building.

Rev. Fr. Stan Okonkwo completed the block work and the roofing of the church building. He equally completed the block work and the roofing of the Parish House including the out station church in Umudim, The present Priest, Very Rev. Fr. Orji C. N. is now resident at the Parish house with effect from 24th November, 2011. To God be the glory.

Names Position
Very Rev. Fr. Orji C. N. (Parish Priest) : Chairman
Nnaora P. N. Okeke : Vice Chairman
Secretary : Oha, Alfred (KSM)
Ogbu Celestina (Mrs.) : Assistant Secretary
Eddy OKeke : PRO
Mr. Mathew Nwankwo : Treasurer
Michael Okafor : Financial Secretary
Lady Josephine Oha : CWO President
Ogbu Celestina (Mrs.) : CWO Secretary
Offordile Jonas : CMO Chairman
Omelali T. I. Ogbu : CMO Secretary
Mr. Elisha Ani : CYON Chairman
Onuzulike Boniface : CYON Secretary
Benedict Nwankwo : Laity Chairman
Onuzulike Boniface : Laity Secretary

Wilfred Nwafor : CMO Chairman
Godwin Okeke : CMO Secretary
Mrs. Stella Okeke : CWO President
Mrs. Ogbu Nwafor : CWO Secretary

Godwin Chukwu : CMO Chairman
Offordile Jonas : CMO Secretary
Esther Okeke (Mrs.) : CWO President
Josephine Okafor (Mrs.) : CWO Secretary



St. John's Parish, Otokwu Mmaku, is one of the out stations of the Mother parish (St.Theresas Mmaku)it has been an outreach station for quite a long time, this enabled them to produce men and woman with great faith and comment to their Catholic faith .Their outstanding performance in all the activities of the church gave them the name Otokwu Bekee ",it was after about 40 year .during the period that very eze was at the mother parish that he saw the fourth ,love and comment of the people of Otokwu ,he them facilited the creation of this outstation a parish by October 2007 and was inaugurated on 29th nov 2007.

The parish has hand many priest work for her development, but two parishes priest , namely Rev. Fr. Gregory Chinweuba and Rev.Fr Johnbosco Ibewkwe .The parish started its parish house and is nearly completion having done the roofing, but presently the house of late chief Slyvanus Orjioke (Ezeji) has been housing the various priest sent to this parish.

The parish is made up of two stations and four zones namely St. Paul's station and the center, while sacred heart, St Mary's St. Paul and St. Monica are the zones.


The spring-board of the catholic church activities and spread in oji River urban community is the "celebrated" St. Michael' s Catholic Church in the leper colony founded about 1937. From the colony, the church was transferred to Dodo and its contiguous community of Oji NATO.This church was administered from Awka parish in Onitsha Diocese .With the influx of civil servants following the establishment of the Oji River Thermal power station, a Catholic church/school was also founded at Ugwunzu/ Agbalenyi. This mission was administered by an expatriate catholic priest (Rev.Father Brady) from Udi.

There was no Catholic institution at MILE TWO and this presented much difficulty for the few Catholics residing there because St.Mary's Achi w3as quite a good distance to go for worship, Both Dodo and Agbalenyi Catholic churches were not near either .But as God designed it, by the magnanimity of successive principal of the Rural Health Training school situated at MILE TWO, the Catholics, few in number, held church services in the classroom designed to accommodate about forty students. Here also the Anglicans resident in MILE TWO .used alternatively with the Catholics on Sunday's .By about 1964.the parish priest from Maku Parrish began to minister to the Catholic in MILE TWO .The first expatriate priest to celebrate Holy Mass in MILE TWO WAS Rev.Father Sweeney from ST. THERESA'S PARISH MAKU. When the Regional Health Education Unit was opened in the Rural Health Education Training premises, the Chief Health Education Officer, Mr Ekejekwu Raphael Dallas (an Anglican) allowed the Catholics to use the house for their worship. As the catholic community in oji River grew, the zeal for expansion also grew .The three section of the community –MILE II, DODO, UGWUNZU-organised harvest and bazaar together at different stations on different dates. This was to enable different stations to attend and raise money to develop each of the sections. This spirit of cooperation was sustained and questions on how to pull resources together were raised. The objective was laudable but the means of achieving it was a knee-bone affair.


History has it that what metamorphosis into St. Mark station under St. John's Parish Mgbowo started from a thin populated RCM Church School situated at "Nkwo Resident" Alachara – Mgbowo, in 1941 under St. John's Catholic Mission, Mgbowo.

Genesis of St. Mark Parish

The formal request for the creation of St. Mark Parish, Alachara – Mgbowo was made by the Alechara Station Council of St. John's Parish Mgbowo. The request was written and sent to his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. A. O. Gbuji and copied to Very Rev. Fr. CY Orji, the then dean of Awgu Deanery. Thereafter, Alechara Station Council chaired by Onuoha Peter Mary C and others pressed on for the creation of St. Mark's Parish Mgbowo as they had earlier requested in their previous application. St. Mark Parish Alechara Mgbowo was among the new parishes created by his Lordship, Most Rev. J. I. Okoye, the Bishop of Awgu Diocese on 29th September 2007. Thereafter, St. Mark Parish formally received her first Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Michael Okata on 1st December 2007 after his short stay at St. John's Parish Mgbowo with Very Rev. Fr. Cyprain Orji.

The formal request for the creation of St. Mark Parish, Alachara – Mgbowo was made by the Alechara Station Council of St. John's Parish Mgbowo. The request was written and sent to his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. A. O. Gbuji and copied to Very Rev. Fr. CY Orji, the then dean of Awgu Deanery. Thereafter, Alechara Station Council chaired by Onuoha Peter Mary C and others pressed on for the creation of St. Mark's Parish Mgbowo as they had earlier requested in their previous application. St. Mark Parish Alechara Mgbowo was among the new parishes created by his Lordship, Most Rev. J. I. Okoye, the Bishop of Awgu Diocese on 29th September 2007. Thereafter, St. Mark Parish formally received her first Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Michael Okata on 1st December 2007 after his short stay at St. John's Parish Mgbowo with Very Rev. Fr. Cyprain Orji.

The Parish is made up of two stations: Alechara Stations and St. Christopher's Station Inyi with 8 zones in all.

The working force of the Parish


Rev. Fr. Peter Ogbonna - Parish Priest/Chairman – 08036662048
Mr. Livinus Akpa - Parish Catechist
Brother Peter Mary Onuoha - Vice Chairman
Mrs. Caroline Ike - Secretary
Mr. John Ogu - St. Christopher Station Inyi Catechist
Mr. Anthony Azi - CMO Parish President
Mrs. Josephine Onyanta - Home/Abroad CWO Parish President
Mrs. Benedeth Oguguo - Parish CWO President
Mr. Kenneth Ohagwu - Parish CYON President
Mr. Gilbert Azinta - St. Christopher Station Inyi (Chairman)
Mr. Aloysius Ulogu - Alechara Station Chairman
Mrs. Maria Ibe - Alachara Station CWO President
Mrs. Margret Udejinta - St. Christopher's Station Inyi CWO President
Mr. Christian Onuka - Alachara Station CYON President
Mr. Augustine Eze - St. Christopher's Station Inyi CYON President


Rev. Fr. Peter Ogbonna
Sir Lazarus Chukwukelu
Mr. Gabriel Ibe
Mr. Patrick Udeinya. A
Miss Esther Ibe
Mrs. Catherine Akachukwu
Mrs. Philomena Nwokolo

For contacts:
ST. Mark Parish Alachara Mgbowo P. O. Box 79, Awgu


The Catholic Church was established in the community in the year 1919 under the leadership of the then warrant Chief Alonta Ododo (Alias Omesu Alonta) at a place called Agueke. Some of early Christians then were late Augustine Anude, Mathias Ojukwu, Clement Chukwu, Luke Iloogba, Peter Ude, Daniel Mba, John Udekwu, Jerimia Uzo, Louis Chukwuogba, Philip Onyebuchi, Mary Uzo.

The Church as a station was under Mmaku Parish where Rev. Fr. Edmund Burke was living. There were two other churches The Anglican Mission and the Salvation Army churches struggling to establish in the community but they later folded up and with drew. The Catholic Church in the community then grew up in leaps and bounds and expanded.

After the Second World War which lasted from 1939 to 1945 the church Obeagu had increased converts because of the increased knowledge of some of the ex-soldiers who returned after the war, late Joseph Okafor, Denis Ogboke, Edmund Ani, Fidelis Anioke , Bernard Abbah, Lawrence Ike, Alo James, Michael Odue. The Rev. Frs. Burke and Marken were at Mmaku visiting the church at Obeagu.

From the year 1946 to 1950 under the leadership of Rev. Frs. T. J. Marken, Peter Meze and Maduka the Catholic Church in Obeagu built a school which served as school ad church. With the combination of the school and the church many people were converted and educated in the Catholic faith.

From the year 1960, the year of Nigerian Independence under the administration of these Rev. Frs. A. J. White, T. Buckley, Hannan, and Fr. Sweeny to the out break of Nigerian civil war in 1967 the Catholic Church in Obeagu Community was not in the least stunted.

At the end of the civil war in 1970, the Catholic Church in Obeagu continued to wax strong in faith in the community under the Rev. Fr. Ogu, Chidozie and Rev. Fr. Anichebe now Monsignor Anichebe. In October 1976, the Catholic Church in Obeagu had her first opportunity of pastoral visit of his Lordship Most Rev. G. M. P. Okoye the Bishop of Enugu Diocese.

Infact, that visit was turning point in the history of St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Obeagu Community. This was followed by another pastoral visit later by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. M. U. Eneja the Bishop of Enugu Diocese. Thee two visits of the church dignitaries transformed the community from their former struggle to a new stance.

By 1995 the church site was moved from Egueke and relocated to Ijime Hill Top where the present Parish House is situated. That year witnessed another pastoral visit by His Lordship Rt. Rev Dr. M. U. Eneja the Bishop of Enugu Diocese and the ordination of the first indigenous Priest Rev. Fr. Anthony Chukuwunta (JN) under Rev. Fr. C. Orji as the Parish Priest in Mmaku.

Other Priest Rev. Frs. B. Eze, Ogbozor and Rev. Fr. Joseph Ogbonna that followed worked relentlessly towards the growth of the Catholic Church in Obeagu.

As the church continued growing in Obeagu the community had another pastoral visit in the year 1997 by his Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. A. O. Gbuji the Bishop of Enugu under the Parish Priest Ben Eze. On August 4th 2001, the Catholic Church in Obeagu witnessed the ordination of the 2nd indigenous priest Rev. Fr. Chibueze Edmund Ani.

In April 2004 St. Theresa's Catholic Church Obeagu was given the status of a Parish with Rev. Fr. B. Aniebo as Pioneer Priest. In 2006, the community had her 3rd indigenous Priest Rev. Fr. Kinsley Aniagolu. The same year, the church in Obeagu witnessed also the final profession of her lone Rev. Sister Lotanna Abbah.

In April 2006 another priest Rev. Fr. Ozonoh was posted to take over from Rev. Fr. B. Aniebo. After 3 years of relentless evangelization in the Parish, the present parish Priest Rt. Rev. Fr. S. Umah was posted to take over from Rev. Fr. Afam Ozonoh on 28th Nov. 2009.

Within one year of Rev. Fr. Umah's both spiritual and temporal work in the community, he initiated the relocation and the building of Saint Theresa's Church at its present permanent site along Oji-Awgu Road in 27th Jan. 2011. Infact, amidst numerous problems both man-made and nature posed barriers , the Rev. Fr. forged ahead, mobilized the faithful and their scarce resources with prayers and continued building the church.

Today Masses are being said in the church St. Theresa's Parish Obeagu on Sunday and weekdays. This started on May 27th 2013. St. Theresa's Parish Church Obeagu which has almost been completed less than three years, ranks on of the Best church buildings in Awgu Diocese.

St. Theresa's Parish has many aspirants in both junior and senior seminaries in Awgu, Awka and Enugu Diocese. The faithful pray and hope that the Catholic Church in Obeagu with the grace of God will continue to grow and expand in all sector of Christianity.

For contacts

About Our church

The people of Awgu geographical circumscription were a deeply religious people; who before the advent of Christianity in Igboland had a common religious heritage of a belief in One, Unseen, Omnipotent God. This Almighty God was referred to as Ali Awgu (the Awgu earth goddess).

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